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GNV Media Group prides itself on offering unsurpassed customer service, whether we are producing a television commercial or providing strategic media consulting. As each product we help promote is different, so is each individual's marketing needs. We can tailor our services to your specific needs and wants. At GNV Media Group, we combine TV, the internet, print media, and detailed market research in the proportion necessary to elicit the desired consumer response.

What Exactly is Direct Response Advertising?

Direct Response Advertising

Everyone has seen TV commercials for steak knives or exercise machines that include a demonstration of the product and gives to information on how to order it. This is one type of direct response marketing. The goal of direct response is very straightforward: maximize profit by offering products directly to the consumer at home. This can be accomplished in numerous ways, but the key to its success is simple: Convenience.

A direct response campaign will generate exposure for your product while offering consumers quick and easy "one-stop shopping" at the same time. This, in turn, provides product recognition and repetition that is invaluable to your existing retail base. The benefits of a direct response campaign can be substantial and long-lasting.