TV Advertising

Putting together your Infomercial involves several stages; all are carefully coordinated so that they work together:

  • Scripting and Production: Working with your product's features in mind, our writers create a script especially designed for you. We focus on the visual presentation of your product, including a demonstration, a special television offer, ordering and website information. Once the script is completed, our video production specialists go to work. Shooting and editing is done in an all digital environment. Our award winning photographers and editors work together to create a final production that excites the viewers by creating optimal interest in your product. Remember that even though we have many years of experience in this process, you have the final approval on the script and the end production
  • Market Research and Testing: Our staff researches regional TV market demographics to determine where the test market for your product will air. With your approval of the commercial, we make it network-ready and send it to the test market for broadcast.
  • National Run: Once we have received and analyzed the test market data, it is time to put your product on national television. Here, your product will be exposed to millions of people on the run.